Booklets, Churches, and Australia

I apologize about not being on the blog this weekend. We have been very busy attempting to move and donate things. I have also been busy finishing up my booklet. I have been occupied last night and today with printing these booklets. It’s pretty tedious printing, folding, and stapling one booklet, but trust me, it’s SO worth it.

I normally do not write on Sundays, but since I missed Friday and Saturday and I have plenty of time, I wanted to say hello. I decided to write to you today because we are visiting a closer church today for an 11 o’clock service. I am pretty sure we are going to visit there, so if you would like to join, check out these two links: navigation and church campus. If you are interested in another location near you, check out this link: find a church. Their global address is:

C3 Global
Locked Bag 8
Dee Why NSW 2099

I hope you enjoy!

P.S. My booklet is not copyrighted yet, so I am not giving it out publicly yet. if you’d like one, please comment here, and I’ll get back to you. 🙂




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