Worn Out

I’m completely worn out. I’m not going to hide anything and be the “I-have-a-perfect-life-weirdo.” I am being real. I am WORN OUT. I have to do a difficult assignment soon. As Social Studies is my most heavily assignment loaded subject, it is more behind than the others, but I figure I’m two years ahead, so why fret about being a couple weeks behind. It’s still hard going, though. I think I’m going to move Social Studies earlier in the day so that I do not have to put up with the brain cells being burnt out while I’m TRYING to do fifteen assignments.

Believe it or not, I did enjoy some parts of today! (I think) Bet you didn’t know that from my previous paragraph.

I enjoyed today’s breaks and part of today’s science. There, I said it. I enjoyed part of the school day today.

I also started another paragraph on my booklet. I thought it was going to be the conclusion, but that was not to be. 


I have also started reading yet another book, this time on John’s gospel. It’s kind of a biography but not. It’s super cool. I just finished the book on Luke’s gospel as well.

Last night, I went to our church’s annual jazz Christmas concert. It was a very talent-filled event. I wore my new favorite dress. It is gold and sparkly and it is very long in the back (to my ankles) and shorter in the front. You could say it goes with my hair, because my hair is golden and brown and blonde and dirty blonde and… Well, you get the point. My hair is more than one color. I also wore my long copper-colored sweater and my hiking boots, which went very well with the whole outfit. The church was just as decked out as my outfit, too. There were Christmas lights dangling from the ceiling, as well as a new round stage in the center with chairs all around it. It was a pretty cool event.

I was trying to get some rest with my book when I remembered that I am to talk to you and bore you with my monotonous tales of hair colors and brain cells, so please excuse me to continue writing my booklet, reading, and relaxing, which is what you very rudely interrupted me from. (Or did I interrupt myself? Because it isn’t your fault I posted. Wait, is it anyone’s fault? Oh, who cares!) I must end this awkward and boring post with an awkward and boring good-bye. Ciao!


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