Today is a complete re-start. Like I ALWAYS say, it’s a Back on Track Tuesday, and that has never proved more true than today. I performed a complete makeover on my school schedule, now doing every topic every day. It’s a pretty cool schedule, and I think I’ll end up liking it. Meanwhile, I got a pretty overwhelming assignment turned in. And I got caught up on two of my Bible reading plans and started a third! It’s a pretty cool day, or at least one worth blabbering about on my blog. I also believe today is worthy of celebration because I got a couple more paragraphs done earlier in this week in my new pamphlet/article/booklet thingy. I really like it’s progress so far.

Today is also worthy of a revamp because it is the Tuesday after a holiday weekend. I love holidays, but the week after them are kinda hard.

I am quite excited for Christmas, which is later this month. It’s so hard to believe that Christmas is actually almost here! Am I the only one that’s finding it hard to believe that it’s December?!? If I am, y’all are really weird. Either that or I am. Or we all are and we can all be weird together! That sounds better. Okay, let’s quit this weird conversation now.

With that, I say good bye! Farewell!



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