Cyber Monday

Go grab the deals before TIME RUNS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what those crazy emails say from these big department stores. Hopefully, you didn’t fall for it and instead decided to hear my (not so) humble opinion on who you should listen to, me or them. I think my opinion is quite obvious.

Well, I went to work with my dad today at Delta Airlines. We have had fun inspecting airplanes and stuff. We just had lunch, and it was AMAZING! I kinda want to read before lunch is over, but I decided to blog.

I’m back from looking at planes over lunch and I have done about a hour of school since then. I took endless notes on airplanes then. I’m pretty excited about getting home and biking or reading a bit, but I forced my self to take a ten minute break now. My brain is getting bogged down with a bunch of stuff about a tsunami.

Meanwhile, I have taken copious notes on planes here and I am also busy writing an article on religion and hunger. I think it is a pretty good article myself, and I can’t wait to publish it. Please let me know if you’d like a copy once it is finished.

I must write and read and continue life, so I’ll say farewell for now, and see you tomorrow!


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