Busy Saturdays…

It’s a wonderfully beautiful Saturday today as I sit by the computer and blog. It is still Thanksgiving weekend, and I am having fun so far. I hope to get in the swing of biking again soon, as I have not done so for a very long time. My new bike is an easier one to ride, but it gets hard sometimes, to be honest. I am excited to get back to using a bike and have everything I learned once come back to me. I do love to ride, rather I can or not. 🙂 Meanwhile, I am not eager to be thrust back into school on Monday. 😦 But I guess I still have the promise of Christmas break still glittering on the horizon. It isn’t fair to wish for summer, because winter hasn’t even got started yet, and I have a ways to go this school year.While busy with school, we are also in the process of attempting to move. Being in the process of attempting to move, we often take up Saturdays with ferrying stuff to the thrift store or our new house, or fixing up our current home for sale. This means I must accompany my father to a home improvement store to pick up some tile and I also would like to bike today. Because of these things, I must be signing off. 🙂 Ciao, Elle.


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