Thursday the 19th…

Oh wait….. Thursday the 19th doesn’t mean anything, does it? Well, every time we pass a Thursday the 19th, we’ll officially celebrate it as Elle Everyday Day! So, as the start of this brand-new tradition, let’s have you comment with your five favorite things about Elle Everyday and who in your family reads it. Has reading Elle Everyday become a family tradition? Do you read it alone after work?  Do you read it in the school cafeteria with your peeps? Well, whatever you do, share it and your favorite things about Elle Everyday, and we’ll see how many people respond! On your mark, get set, GO! Go to the bottom of the page and comment, quick! :~)


Oh, and just to get you pumped up for our next Elle Everyday Day, the next is May 19th, 2016! Tune in to today’s event, or put May 19th on your calendars!!


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