I’m Back!!

I’ve been away for the weekend, so that’s why I didn’t post. I’m glad to be back! It is Monday today, and for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I didn’t post because I was serving at Holy Spirit Encounter. Their website is www.holyspiritencounter.org. I hope you check out their website! How was your weekend? Our stats are climbing, and you, right now reading this, are helping add one more view! Keep it up! We are more than likely going to another event this weekend in Alabama, but more information will follow. I hope you enjoy this week, so stay tuned into Elle Everyday, the best blog in the world!!<echoes erupt> I hope to continue to post one post a day, although this was interrupted briefly. I really am looking forward to completing the reading of my book, with which I am almost done, and for that reason, I must say farewell, my friends. <dramatic music> Adios, mi amigos!


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