One Week!

It has been one full week of blogging on Elle Everyday, bringing in over 150 views! Thank you so much! Today is Thursday, that “today-is-the-day-before-friday-but-I still-had-work-today” day. The smiley emoji/ frown emoji day. I don’t mind Thursdays myself. I get to study English and Social Studies, and I know that it is the most popular day on the blog! In case any of you actually listened to me and went to church last night, I was not able to make it and instead got to see a friend and make a hospital stop to visit another friend. We had a good night and I hope you did too! If you couldn’t make it last night but would still like to come, please join us at 9:00 or 11:15 A.M. on Sunday! I have to go now, but please keep visiting! I will not be back to post tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday, but I will post on Monday. Thanks so much! See you then! Signing off, Elle.


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